TLB: Rocket boosters for your build

Most software developers and testers would agree that keeping code well covered with automated tests(programmed tests that run without manual intervention) is an essential recipe to driving a software project to success. Such a test-suite prevents software regression, helps flush out the design, allows collective ownership of complex and logic-heavy code, acts as a functional […]

RSA SecurID Token on GNU/Linux

If you have ended up on this page trying to search ways to get Cisco VPN SecurID software token working on GNU/Linux, i can safely assume you are extremely frustrated by now. I have tried installing it atop Wine which in-spite of my best efforts didn’t work, so its not worth wasting your time with Windows version. On […]

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I’m a developer/consultant working for ThoughtWorks. I primarily work on Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and Lisp. I believe in Free Software philosophy and GNU project, and am generally interested in FOSS activities. Hacking is my hobby I happen to get paid for it…..

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