The Rails Way : An honest opinion

I finished this book called The Rails Way some one month back. I had started it out very enthused by the hype around it. At least all of my colegues, even after receiving my first hand feedback, think the book is really great(they are not done reading it though).

Here is what i think about it….

Its an amazing book(or atleast a decent one) for people starting out with Rails, but not for developers who have been working on rails for some time….
Most of the stuff it talks about are mundane routine things….

What did i expect when i picked it up….

I though it will give me more insight into rails internals(esp ActiveRecord, ActiveResource and ActionPack)…

Now what???

Im sure there are other ppl who may want to read a book for the exact same reasons i wanted to….(rails internals and stuff…). A quick piece of advice for them…. Go read the source friends(its extremely well written)… I really haven’t come across a book that bothers to talk about internals…


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