Recording LineOut on OS X

While working on my pet project(Bakery) i was looking for a way to record line out on my Intel Mac(leopard). There are not too many options really, and most of them are not too great. I read though posts on various forums to discover that a lot of mac users who tried line out recording failed to find a good tool and ended up with double headed stereo cable(audio cable with 2 jacks). I finally managed to find a brilliant freeware which did the trick.

AudioHijack is quite cryptic, almost unusable + its not a freeware. It has a 10 minute free trial period, but not worth it. I don’t know why in the world someone would pay for AudioHijack.

I didn’t bother to try WireTrap, because its a paid software, and AudioHijack had already turned me off…..

Soundflower + Audacity(both free and open) worked incredibly well for me. Here is what i did…..

  1. Install Audacity( and Soundflower+Soundflowerbed(
  2. Start Soundflowerbed and use Audio Setup to make Soundflower 2ch(2 channel interface) your System and Default output.
  3. Start Audacity and use preferences -> Audio I/O to setup Recording device as Soundflower 2ch
  4. Hit the record button on a new audacity project and get some application to make noise…….. you should see audacity recording).

Hope this was useful….


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