Using serial port to connect to Nokia’s PyS60 console using

If you are a mac user(like me), playing with PyS60 on your Nokia, you definitely would have wanted to use to access python interactive console. The good news is, your mac can set it up for you without any hassles. I use leopard(10.5.5) so this post may not work for other versions as is, but im sure it should be as easy(if not more) on any distribution.


  • Pair your device(phone) with the box: Use System Preferences::Bluetooth (+ Button) to locate and add the device. Of course, bluetooth should be turned on(and your device should be discoverable) before you do this. You may not want to type the passcode every time, so feel free to authenticate the device to connect without passcode(you will be presented with this option on your device at some point in the pairing process).
  • Use iSync to sync your address book contacts with phone contact list(you have a choice of merging both/purging one side, chose accordingly).
  • Once the sync-up is done, you should see a serial port named Bluetooth-PDA-Sync if you click advanced on the System Preferences::Bluetooth panel, while the device is selected. Check the On checkbox next to the serial port.
  • Bingo, you are all set. Now click your device’s Application Menu > Python > Options > Bluetooth Console menu item, and a menu to connect to a bluetooth device should pop-up. Select your computer and it will query for the serial interfaces, which will pop a menu with one or more serial port names. Select Bluetooth-PDA-Sync.
  • Now pop-up and use screen to connect to /dev/tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync (screen /dev/tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync)
  • Done!!! you should see live Python interactive console on your terminal.



Hackers Prevail!!!! 🙂


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