Using fiveruns_tuneup with rails 2.1.x….

My office project is moving to perf tuning and load testing stage… So im evaluating various tools to instrument and report performance-stats/potential-problems these days. I tried fiveruns_tuneup, which is a decent tool by Fiveruns. However, getting it to work is a little problematic(when you are on rails 2.1+, im unsure about the older versions of rails). 

The tool ships as a gem, which can be installer using a vanilla sudo gem install fiveruns_tuneup, but adding config.gem ‘fiveruns_tuneup’ makes app bomb left right and center with undefined constant exceptions. 

A closer look at the gem’s codebase reveals files named init.rb and install.rb, which are more relevant for a rails’ plugin like contract than a gem, which gave me this wild idea of dropping it into vendor/plugins, and bingo…. that makes it work… 

So don’t add the config.gem ‘fiveruns_tuneup’ to your environment. Insteed, do a gem unpack fiveruns_tuneup in vendor/plugins, and it will work like a charm….

Happy Hacking… 🙂


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