Getting TuxGuitar sound to work on Debian(Lenny)

Spent a few minutes today to get TuxGuitar(debian package) midi output working on my laptop. I am on ALSA, and these steps will not work for OSS users(but don’t worry, it should be as simple for OSS setup too). Here is what i did….

  • sudo apt-get install tuxguitar timidity
  • sudo emacs /etc/default/timidity
    it should look like….

    # Enable MIDI sequencer (ALSA), default is disabled
    # Setting overrides (of /etc/timidity.conf) for the ALSA sequencer daemon
  • sudo /etc/init.d/timidity restart

Fire TuxGuitar up, and go to Tools -> Settings -> Sound (use “Tux Guitar Sequencer” and “TiMidity port 0 [129:0]”).

This should fix the no-sound problem. Apply changes and try to play tabs to validate.


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