Fix: ‘xdm’ launch making laptop fans roar

Recently Gentoo x86 profile 10.0 pushed x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers version 185.18.36, which made ‘xdm’ launch on my laptop(Dell D630 Latitude) really noisy. First few minutes of X session on my box started to push fan to the limit making it unbearable.

Some digging up on the web revealed it is a known Dell bios bug, and has been fixed in upstream.  So, the solution is to upgrade bios to latest available version.

Steps to upgrade:
Install ‘libsmbios’:

sudo emerge --sync
sudo emerge libsmbios

…and follow further instructions here: (this page has steps to download updated bios and install it using dellBiosUpdate (a15 is the latest available release at the time of writing, and fixed the problem for me))(Ignore distribution specific instructions).


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